Request A Debate

If you would like to request Speakers Corner Online (SCO) to arrange a debate between yourself and another party then please email or message Admin below.

Any debate we arrange shall be held in one of the debate arenas on Speakers Corner Online. We reserve the right to broadcast the debate unless either party requests we do not.

Admin shall be present in the debate in order to referee the debate. It should be noted that Admin does not speak and will only communicate via text chat in the debate arena. Admin has the power to mute, eject and ban any party who does not adhere to the required protocol. Admin does not favour either party and reserves the right to end the debate at any time. 

Other users may join the debate arena in which the debate is being held however Admin may mute any User who has not been pre-arranged to be involved in the debate.

Please remember that abuse of any kind shall not be tolerated and personal attacks are not allowed. We cannot guarantee that we shall be successful in arranging your requested debate however we shall revert back to you with our progress. If successful, we shall confirm the time, date and any additional rules as soon as possible

To set up a debate please send the following;

  • Your SCO profile name
  • Your opponents SCO profile name
  • If your opponent does not have a SCO profile, please send us any of their social media account details
  • Provide us with at least two different dates and times when you would like the debate to be held
  • Provide us with the topic of the debate

Thank you.