Give A Speech

Give A Speech To The World or Tell Your Story!

Public speakers are now able to book a debate room on the Speakers Corner Online platform and give a speech. The speaker can request the speech be/not be broadcast to as many different platforms as possible and can even allow Q&As from other users after the speech.

Existing users can also request a speaker be contacted and asked to give a speech on the Speakers Corner Online platform by following the procedure below.

If you would like to book a speech slot then please contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ button below or email us via and provide the following information;

  • Your Speakers Corner Online user name from this platform
  • Name of speaker (if not yourself)
  • Your contact email
  • Date of speech (if yourself)
  • Time of speech (if yourself)
  • Topic of speech (if yourself)

By default, Speakers Corner Online reserves the right to broadcast or not to broadcast the speech and any additional elements of the session such as the Q&As. Thank you.