About us

Welcome to Speakers Corner Online. We aim to become the digital version of the real Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London.

This is a new social media networking service where users can create posts, create groups, stream live videos, debate, enter live 3D chatrooms, debate in chatrooms, post comments, share photographs, play games, make audio/video calls and create their own avatar. Our social network supports interactive online chat and the ability to comment on your friend's profile pages (sometimes called "walls") and enter multiple voice chat rooms.

This platform has been created by an international panel of developers and has taken a number of years to reach the public. We value your privacy and we hope you enjoy all the special features. Join today and start networking, debating and much more.

To learn how to use the '3D Chat' feature click here.

To learn how to us the 'Debate Arena' feature click here.